Frustrations Of The Data Analyst Life…And How To Fix Them

Frustrated monkey

Let’s be honest with each other.

Working as a data analyst seems like a pretty sweet deal.

Some days though, it’s just difficult to drag your ass out of bed.

Between office politics, your boss busting your balls, early starts and late nights staring at the screen and having to deal with customers who seem to have the mental and emotional range of a tired, hungry toddler – it wears you down.

We’ve all been there.

Hell, most of us still are there most of the time.

But there are strategies and fixes we can put in place to help alleviate some of the frustrations and bring joy back to our analytical working lives.

Help is at hand.

What if you could side-step the petty office politics, get a clear, concise set of requirements and just settle into a long, peaceful, uninterrupted session of analysing data like you always wanted to?

Let’s release those inner demons of the data analyst life, put some names on our pain and find out how to fix them once and for all with our pain-busting six part series.

Frustrations Of The Data Analyst Life…And How To Fix Them


  1. Veruca Salt And The Just Give Me Everything Routine
  2. The Fallacy That Everyone Wants (And Needs) Self Service BI
  3. The Urgent!Urgent!Urgent! Boy Who Cried Wolf
  4. Shiny New Objects and Boardroom Buzzword Bingo
  5. The Unending Creep Of The Unspecified Scope
  6. But This Is The Way We’ve Always Done It